200 Pieces First Aid Kit with Hospital Grade Medical Supplies - Includes Emergency Blanket, Bandage, Scissors - Great for Home, Outdoors, Office, Car, Travel, Camping, Hiking, Boating (Green)



About this item

  • This first aid kit equipped to suit your needs and optimized for a large variety of injuries and having all the 1st aid items gathered ahead of time will help you handle unexpected moments. Trusted by families, lifeguards, parents, students, teachers, nurses, doctors, construction workers, truck drivers and professional business offices.
  •  Easy to carry and lightweight. Its weighs approximately 1.1 pounds. Packed with 200 useful and valuable hospital grade medical supplies. It has just the right pocket size so it fits anywhere in your yacht, boat, jeep, bike or motorcycle.
  • The bag is highly organized and features multiple compartments with additional space to add more supplies when necessary. This means you can organize the contents how you like, and find what you need, when you need it
  •  Manufactured with the finest equipment in a modern facility, you can be sure of first-aid contents that will not let you down (especially if you live in Earthquake Prone Areas or exposed to other natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes or flooding).