Titan Mall Stackable Plastic Storage Bins for Food, Snacks, Bottles, Toys, Toiletries, Set of 4, 15x10x7 Inch/bin, All Beige Color,



  • Titan Mall’s stackable storage bins are used to hold vegetables or fruits, bottles or cans in kitchen and pantry. Kids also use them to classify snacks, toys, puzzles and books. In bathroom, they store shampoo or shower gel, and other toiletries.These stacking bins fit practically everywhere and offer plenty of room in your kitchen, pantry, lobby, bathroom, bedroom, or closet. You can easily stack them high and low for maximum space utilization.
  • Stackable baskets that are built with plastic body and mesh design, convenient to know clearly what’s inside, great ventilation to keep things fresh and dry. Semi open front for accessing the items without moving the top basket, easy to take and clean.
  • 4 plastic baskets for storage, each basket is 14.76″L*10.43″W*7.3″H. These shelf baskets offer seamless storage that makes you feel so much neater and cleaner at home.
  • Each storage basket is made of premium quality plastic – bear heavy weight, very durable, anti decay, not trap dust. It also provides color coded organization, one color for each thing.